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2013 saw the start of our "Growth Groups"

In the New Testament picture of church life is bacially relational. Whilst Sunday worship is very important, church services alone are not able to provide the kind of community life that is so vital to our growth as Christians. At Suffolks in 2013,we want to encourage everyone who worships with us to join one of our small groups, known as Growth Groups. These smaller groups of believers are central to the spiritual life and pastoral care of the church. We want to incourage everyone to get involve.

Why Growth Groups ? 
Central to the teachings of Christ is the creation of new community. Everyone is on a spiritual journey. The question is do you want to travel alone or with friends? We invite you to consider making Suffolks your church home and meet up with other spiritual travellers. 
Christ and the early church had a pattern of gathering in larger groups and also meeting together in homes. This pattern has been replicated world wide following the example of Christ. We are sticking with this pattern. 

Growth Groups are:

- A place to safely connect in authentic, loving relationships

- A place to grow in Christ likeness through interaction and Bible study

- A place to visit with God through prayer

- A place to discover your Spirit-given gifts and how God wants you to fit into His body, the church

It's easy to feel lonely even in the midst of a small church.
At Suffolks we  want you to feel welcome and significant. The best place for that to happen is in a Growth Group where people want to get to know you, love you and care for the needs you have.

What to Expect in a Growth Group:

Friendship – Your Growth Group is meant to be a safe place to meet people whom you will like and who will like you! It is a good place to develop lasting friendships with people who will grow to love you.

Sharing – Your Growth Group will be a safe place to get real and share what is on your heart. It is a place where people really care and will take the time to listen even if you feel stuck, broken, or lonely.

Growth – Your Growth Group is a growing place that will help you connect with God by learning how to live in Him and through Him. It is a place where you can be healed of your brokenness in a climate of love and unconditional acceptance. You will sense the joy of maturing into Christ-likeness and you will experience reality as you study the Word of God together.


There are currently four groups meeting 

The Leaders are: Sharnet March - Tuesday's 7.15pm

                             Margaret Richardson - Friday's 10.30am    

                             Clive Atkins - Friday's - 8.00pm 

For more information on any of these groups, please call: 020 83665714