Suffolks Baptist Church

Legacy, Renewal, Expansion

  • Suffolks Baptist Church
  • Carterhatch Lane
  • Enfield
  • Middlesex
  • EN1 4JY
020 8366 5714

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For 2016 our Motto is

"To Know Christ And To Make Him known"


Prayer Alphabeth



This month (December) - we pray for members of our church family 

Whose surnames begin with the letters  R-S

Josie Reeves, Margaret Richardson, Wendy Riley, Brenda & Colin Smith, Aubrey & Valerie Sibanda



How you can join in with the prayer life at SBC

Prayer is a key element of our church life at SBC, we believe that prayer must undergird all of our worship and activity. We have regular prayer opportunities, some of which have a specific focus and others of which seek to bring to the Lord the needs of the church, the community, our nation and the world.


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